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Hoping someone could help me out.  I'm trying to get my Logitech Wingman         joystick running on DSL its the gameport version with the USB adapter.          I was hoping it would be simple and I could plug it in the usb port and it would work but no luck.  I'm trying to get it working to use with Snes9x, but it won't detect it.  I would really appreciate any help. I installed the Joystick.deb package still with no luck couldn't get anything on jstest.

Thanks alot

I think you might need to use one of the XFree86.* extensions to process the input..?
Yes, I have a cheapo eBay Chinese joypad of the same type as Logitech Wingman. It works perfectly, and I use it for ZSNES gaming. The setup instructions are here:

original here.