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Hi again
I'm a bit of a retro head as I grew up on Speccys and BBCS...has anyone got any advice on emulators to run DSL? I did look at the games section in MyDSL but couldn't see anything off hand....
What's the best way please of e.g. searching for say a BBC micro emulator in the repositories?

I really liked my BBC Micro and Acorn Archimedes...Amiga of course...I've tried Steem and that works ok....any advice greatly appreciated....

At least I saw DosBox and installed it. Great stuff!

Well, there are emus for dos, gameboy, nes and snes in MyDSL as far as I know.
So you need to probably compile your own..

Here's a good site on linux emulators..

Here's a window manager that looks like amiga..

original here.