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I installed the quake 2 game by the mydsl panel, but now when i try to execute it, just nothing happens...
I restarted my computer and still no luck :(

Can somebody help me?

BTW: Some of the other games i install also wont work, like Tuxracer, Supermario

I think you need to have the data for the game. Do you have that? Launch the game from a terminal, it will give you more info at what the error could be.
Yeah, the quake & doom engines are open source, but the data files are not.. If you don't own the game, you can get the data from the shareware version..

Tuxracer needs Opengl (aka 3d) libs (full X), I think secret maryo does too.. If you want just "normal" mario, Nes emulators work easily ;)

so when i want to play the games, i just have to download the shareware version of quake or something? but what should i do with that files, where do i have to put them?

(ps: sorry for my bad englisch, im dutch :))

I didn't have to load up anything to play doom.  I just got doom.dsl and loaded it up.  Read the info file just in case.  I was already running gtk2 and gnu-utils.  Search the forum on doom and you will find out how to resize the window.
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