DSL Ideas and Suggestions :: Instant on dsl linux

I wonder if is it possible to make dsl linux an "instant on" operating system along the lines of splashtop running out of a usb stick. I suppose the system would have to go through a long boot at least once to get the environment right but after that if the hardware doesn't change it would seem this should be possible.
Not as fast, but you could sweep it for your HW as you said, to shave dozens of seconds off the boot.

Or, are you suggesting this chance to be in the base?

It would be great to have a super fast boot as part of the base that could establish an on line presence in a few seconds.
Currently this would need a remaster, since loading the backup is done quite late in the boot process.
With the tiny core I believe it could be easier.

I wonder if this could be done with a new "Hibernation" script". Where after the normal boot process one could run a script that would store away the active os image on a bootable usb stick. I suppose a new boot process would be required as well.
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