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ive been working on a way to fetch a small list of mydsl apps from ibiblio prior to unpacking configuration.  Im guessing this may take 2 stages of config, ie connect to the net, wget selected apps then unpack app config.

my aim is to minimise the amount of apps to be carried around after trying to automate the startup of a machine with only a cd and floppy drive.

any ideas?  and will this type of heavy net use annoy server admins?

`mydsl-wget` might be useful
Wouldn't a remaster, where those are included on the cd be better?

For changing needs of course a script on floppy would do.

indeed, thats where i started but I have now taken it apart and added error checking for lack of memory if too many apps are kept in /tmp etc.  

im having a mind block on the best way to unpack the config, bootlocal starts the process and d/l apps checksum and load then currently sambas (for example) config then loads from another .dsl file stored on my own http space.  

im thinking about mounting a uci in to /tmp containing the config,then copying config files in to place after mounting the app.  this and backup.tar.gz could fit on a floppy but this doesnt make it easy to make small adjustments.

actually, im realising that this is where ~/.webdata.lst comes in and again dsl already has everything i need.
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