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I stumbled upon the news that a stable Dillo 2.0 had been released yesterday. They mention us in the release announcement :D
Dillo-2.0 has been released!
Today, after a long period of inactivity, a new release was made. It's being a long way and this dillo-2.0 release comes with a boat load of improvements.

You will find: tabbed browsing, antialiasing, different character sets, accepting compressed pages, control over image loading, smaller footprint, near 50% smaller memory usage, fewer dependencies, better table rendering, bugfixes, improved GUI, among others!
Distributions including dillo (hint hint DSL!) are strongly encouraged to switch to the new branch. It's better, easier to package (FLTK2 is statically linked), and even more memory efficient.
DSL is linked to the DSL homepage.


Who wants to build it?  Wonder if there's a recommended version for fltk2...

Lovely, I do like dillo.
I tried the debian binary, but it needs several newer libs than those found in DSL.  Haven't tried compiling it yet.

Wonder if there's a recommended version for fltk2
I'm pretty sure they said r6403 as a recommendation, although I can't find the page where I saw this to verify.

EDIT: it was stated in the README included with the Dillo source.

Not Dillo related, but there is now an alpha for Firefox mobile that also runs on Linux x86: http://starkravingfinkle.org/blog....e-alpha
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