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I don't get it. After reading John's Site News, what does 100 MB mean?

Is this 'core' business is off the books then?

You could probably stick with 50M if you carry on the
concept of 'core'.

I suggest moving toward an hd-install system but keeping the apps seperate from the base (50M) system.

Does anyone else have any views ?

DSL means Damn Small Linux. But what is Small? Related to what?

In my opinion Small means less than usual, for a Linux distribution. I have tried lots of live Linux distributions. My main concern is that the collection of their software did not fit my needs, no matter their size, because every one follows different idea of what is the essential software. For this reason the concept of DSL attracts to me: The size of DSL is really Small, but I can use lots of extensions to enhance its functionality.

What I prefer in a distribution is the minimum amount of software plus the capacity to complete it easily according to my real needs, that are different to the needs of somebody else. Therefore, the only thing I identify as necessary is a kernel, libraries to run the system in graphical way, a browser and synaptic to incorporate the programs I need.

About the size: Every distribution try to be adapted to a support size; DSL to a bussines card disk (50 Mb), the majority of distros to a CD size (700 Mb) and some other to a DVD size (4500 Mb). Magically the very small size of DSL has contributed to its perfection. But, having in mind that smaller is more beautiful, in my opinion we have to try to adapt ourselves not to a fixed size but instead to a fixed concept.

DSL is very good to give new live to old computers (which were running W95). This is the past. Nowadays one natural target for DSL could be to be used in new netbooks, a little more capable than old computers but limited, compared to the present 'big' computers. I wrote a post in another thread ( http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....2;st=10 ) in favor of this move. May be then we need 100 Mb or perhaps up to 210 Mb for this new DSL. I do not know. But we still may have the present versions (3.x.xx, 4.x.xx), conveniently maintained, keeping for them the use they presently have...



Don't you think that your pushing a netbook version of DSL a bit much? I don't think that's what the goal of DSL is, a tiny, adaptable Linux. DSL is not supposed to be locked into one type of computer like netbooks, but rather tries to run on every computer. Not to mention the fact that it still does run on net books. I don't understand what more you want, I doubt that even if they did create a netbook version that it would really be all that different, in fact to make it different would ruin its point. Adding in more software that is suited only for netbooks is locking everyone who wants to use the new DSL into a limited suite of software, which you could already add with some time.

I guess I'm babbling a bit, all I mean to say is that creating a whole new distro for netbooks is not the best route for DSL to go.

your pushing a netbook version of DSL a bit much?
Two posts do not seem too much...
it still does run on net books
Yes, but it is not able to run the wifi connexion, neither the cam, neither the card reader...
Adding in more software that is suited only for netbooks
There is no software that is suited only for netbooks. And my proposal is not to add more software, but to use a more modern kernel, to take profit of all the netbooks functionality...
creating a whole new distro for netbooks is not the best route for DSL to go
I have created by myself a 'new' distro, from Ubuntu 8.04, by remastersys ( http://www.remastersys.klikit-linux.com/ ), just because DSL was not in the route for running in a netbook...

And now, a new argument in favor of my proposal: Take a look to any computers shop or department store, today that they are on sale. What it begun with a single option (Asus eee Pc), today is one increasing part of the shelf. Some mainstream distros have issued or have plans for issuing an specific variant of their distros suited for netbooks. There are weekly news about this phenomenon. This is the future. It is a pity that a distribution which is specially flexible and small lose the oportunity to be one of the best for this growing segment.

The present versions are right. Nothing to complain. I think they have to be maintained. But I think that we may have another way, in parallel, to enjoy this opportunity.

*JT. :;):

Quote (TTK=Teobromina_Tool_Kit @ Jan. 03 2009,04:26)

I still don't believe that netbooks are the route for dsl to go. With a small amount of finesse it can be made to fully work with any netbook hardware(there are guides out there, just google or search eeeuser.com). They are thinking of updating to the new kernel if they decide to go with the 100M version, I just don't see why it needs to be specially for netbooks. And lastly re-mastering a version of Ubuntu is VASTLY different from creating a whole new distro, the fact that you re-mastered a Ubuntu for netbooks is not the same as what John and others are proposing as a route for dsl to go. If you really want it I don't see anything stopping you from remastering dsl to support madwifi drivers and the webcam, its not too hard. And lastly DSL was not created for the "future"(though it is able to run on future machines), it was created to bring new life to older machines, which is the route I believe it should continue to go, just with more space for more drivers.
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