DSL Ideas and Suggestions :: 64 Bit?

Hey there.

I got a new 64-Bit AMD Phenom X4 Machine and I feel like being a complete idiot by wasting all that power on Damn Small Linux. What can I say? It's a fantastic operating system and probably my favourite distribution of Linux.

Sure it'll run on my system, but if I got 8GB of RAM, DSL won't be able to detect it all right? Or even use all four cores for that matter... (unless I just failed at computers)

Could a 64-Bit version become a reality? I wanna overkill this. :)

well i suppose to harness all that power, you should install centos as a base then vmserver, you can run 62 seperate instances of dsl on 128Mb ram.  your very own cluster in a box.  id love the clever people of the forum to do a uci of vmserver! :p

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