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I've taken a look at DeviceVM Splashtop insides. You know, that 5-sec booting extra on Asus mobos, or on HD in the budget models.

After taking some peeks, I'm less than impressed. The binary release doesn't have access to the base, just the extensions.

Well. The code is inefficient. Most binaries are unstripped. It takes a lot of ram to run, to even start it it checks for 256mb. It uses Xvesa, busybox and Blackbox for god's sake! 256mb?

DSL has been far more advanced for quite a long time. Tiny core is way better (and boots pretty fast too :))

I just asked for the sources, as I want to learn on the things they did right, mostly the extremely fast boot.


/me asks for opinions, and if someone happens to own a device with it, how do you like it?

You could try it out yourself.  Link of interest:

Some of the core base parts are proprietary.

Yes, that's where I got my instructions. And by trying I figured the 256mb requirement out :p
Is the 256mb check for Splashtop top itself though, or for the progs it allows you to start - as I recall you can go straight to playing dvds whatever, yes?
It doesn't let you do anything other than shutdown or continue to boot without 256mb ram..

I'm quite sure the image viewer / pidgin / music player / file manager for usb sticks won't require that much. Firefox does though, but why prevent using the other apps.

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