News :: DOS on Damn Small Forums?

Some hours ago these forums were extremely slow, and then I got errors about too many MySQL connections..

Why would someone target us?

Because humans are jerks =op

Two or three days ago I couldn't access the forums at all for most of the day.

By the way, your avatar hasn't been displaying for several days. When trying to access the image directly , I get a 'forbidden' error.

I totally agree with mikshaw xD
So glad we're not humans then ^^

My ava has indeed been going on and off, and I can't do anything about it..

Because humans are jerks =op

Misanthrope. :-P

Most humans are nice. As with anything else, it only takes a few bad ones to screw things up for the rest of us. I've only had a couple of the MySQL error messages the past few days but it's been dreadfully slow regardless.

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