News :: 5 years is a long time.

I have given this project 5 years.
I have implemented many of my original ideas and many, many, and frequent releases.
I have grown to know many in the community both personally and remotely.
But it is time to say goodbye.

I leave knowing that I did my best and leave this project with a very polished final release. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to return to the Linux community, a tiny contribution, compared to all that Linux, Open Source, and developers all around the globe have contributed to the cause.

-- Robert Shingledecker

Logout 12/04/08

:(  OMG, but your the man!
i'll miss you, takecare of yourself.  :D

Goodbye Robert, as a developer you have been top-notch.
This is a real pity...

@John - it would be interesting to know what your long term plans for dsl are leave is allways a sweet sorrow...

kuky shakespeare

thanks roberts

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