Hardware Talk :: Mini-dvds?

I don't own a dvd-burner. One of my friends does. He uses XP and Deepburner.
I need a mini-dvd (1.35 gb dvd-r) burned, so that I can run homebrew on my cube ;)

Anyway, it seemed like deepburner could do it, no burning programs say anything of mini-cds or dvds. It filled the drive buffer, but after it did nothing for 15mins, I got tired of it, and closed it. The dvd hadn't gotten any data!

So, has anyone ever burned a mini-dvd or a mini-cd?
Is this a lousy dvd-burner, or a program issue, so I could boot DSL toram and burn it from there?

As it was a cheapo burner, I of course assumed it was just that. But I decided to go DSL despite that :)
DSL toram recognized the drive just fine. But the current version of cdrecord in DSL is not able to burn DVD-R(W)'s.
So, I compiled the newest ver. And whatdoyouknow, instant working! The drive had no trouble doing anything I commanded it to. Burned the minidvd just fine, with top quality. And it could easily read it too.
I only had one bricked disc, the one I tried to burn from M$. Not bad.

So, as a piece of advice to all, don't give up until you've tried Linux on it :D

PS: I sent the pack I compiled to Robert. It updates cdrecord, mkisofs, iso* to the newest versions, and adds cdda2wav (a audio cd ripper). This pack adds full DVD capabilites, and Blu-ray burning too!

Nice discovery.
Great - what's the extension called (so we can look out for it)?
It is going into core.
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