Hardware Talk :: Touchy Feely with DSL 4.4.3

Yeah. As my latest system, Fujitsu Lifebook B-2130 sits there waiting for X.org 7.4, and I wanted to test the touch screen, well, you know me..

DSL 4.4.3 booted from usb stick, XFree86.unc loaded, and in 10 minutes I was all touchy feely :)
10 minutes, not because the machine is slow (it's quite fast for a P2), but 'cause I had some trouble with the Neomagic chip and the touch screen calibrating.

Basically I just downloaded Kenan Esau's binary driver for XFree4 and edited XF86Config. This is my first touch-enabled laptop.

I shot a vid; now you can show everyone DSL can touch ;)


No need to tell me the quality is crap. My digicam from 2001 or so only shoots 288x208 10fps MJPEG. Transcoded to pure XVID without any containers, so might not play in anything but mplayer :p

well i think thats quite cool!
now time to try dsl on the HTC Diamond or some other touchscreen pda-like :P

original here.