Hardware Talk :: finally: a real $100 notebook

Okay, it's not exactly loaded. What do you expect for $99 and in a 225x165x36mm footprint?

It comes with a 400mhz processor (Samsung chipset), WinCE, 7" (150x90mm) 800x480 display, 64MB RAM and 64MB storage, external VGA port, and three USB ports. Optional wifi. Optional storage.


I don't see that as a good buy at all. Maybe if the ram was increased by a multiple of 3 or 4, or the power consumption was basically nil, but even then the display and storage are ridiculously tiny.  There are much better laptops being tossed into dumpsters every day.  I'm guessing most of the retail price is to cover the Windows license.
This is like a Libretto with flash storage. Actually a bit worse. And Libretto's were from '97..
But widescreen subnotes are frustrating because Xvesa can't handle widescreen resolutions...
IMHO 800x600 would be better.

Sure it can, there's a wiki page about the Libretto's 800x480 wide resolution with Xvesa. As long as the video bios has them, Xvesa has them..
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