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I want to have a program output all possible words up to 30 letters, like:

I tried some methods, but the only one that worked was creating a loop for every depth. There must be a simpler way to do this. Any ideas?

Edit: I wish to test my RSA password strength, how long it would take to break it.

Check out regular expressions. I don't know how they work in C, but there is probably more than one way to set it up.

There are also security tools available to test things like password strength.

Too bad John doesn't support RSA ;)
Thanks. All that was needed was Bash afterall. With the regex syntax {a..z} :D
Hm. Appears that after 10 letter words or so bash runs out of memory. And consumes all ram and 100+mb swap. So it isn't practical for long words, which I need :(

Back to drawing board..

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