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Did we ever determine whether exact window placement is possible?

How to control which if any of a window controls are displayed, say I don't want to have the minimize and maximize controls to display?

FLTK apparently has x and y coordinates as 3rd and 4th optional parameters of Fl_Window, but I assume the active window manager determines whether or not this works.

There is also my_window:iconize() for those window managers that support it, or my_window:position() if you want to shove it aside.

I have mount.lua working in tiny core. But jwm has no slit so mount.lua starts from menu. But mount.lua's tiny size makes it hard to move as the window minimize, maximize and close controls occupy the entire title bar.
Hmmm, can jwm swallow it in the tray?
Another idea is to set it (via Group) without border or title, etc. That would require users to know they can move it via keybinding (alt-F2 for window options menu) or with alt-left mouse key. I'll have to dig around and see if there's any way to set placement geometry in jwm; I don't think there is (which is why I first thought of swallow but I don't know if that'll work well without rewriting it so the buttons are side by side).

This would put it on every desktop (sticky), without any window decorations, and leave it out of the tasklist. And, of course, placement would be random so it could end up in middle of the screen just as easily as in a corner. Without anything else to guide users to moving it without borders and title bars, though, this will be even more difficult to move around.
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