Programming and Scripting :: Tinycc, TCC, otcc, lcc

Has anyone used any of them?

TinyCC: GPL V.2
OTCC: Freeware (non-obfuscated has BSD-like License)
lcc: (Custom License)

They all seem to be very small, at 100~300kb for the entire package (Debian, with docs). They all seem to compile things faster and smaller then gcc, without needed as much files (The compiler and linker are built into the same app, and the c libraries are smaller).

tcc has been a part of DSL since nearly the beginning.
There is even a tutorial for it the documentation section

I haven't tried any of them, but I'm wondering how well do they
integrate with standard 'make' and 'configure' scripts ?

If I'm not wrong, tcc works for building small programs, but gives errors with large, complicated stuff e.g. building gcc or glibc.

BTW, another small compiler is pcc.

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