Programming and Scripting :: Opening new Aterm window from script

I have an application that needs to launch "hands-off" during startup: open a console window and execute a shell script upon startup. The window needs to remain open for status reporting and potential user interaction (the last script action is to start up an interactive Python application).

When testing the script, I can open Aterm after booting and invoke the script then all is fine. But I need to be able to open the window/shell session and invoke the script "hands-off" when DSL boots.

When I launch Aterm via xinitrc with "-e scriptname", I find that an Aterm window flashes open momentarily -- not long enough to execute the first stages of shell script.

So, how do I open an Aterm window upon system start, execute a script in that window, and have the window remain open in the foreground?

Any advice is most appreciated. Thanks.


I've seen this question here before, and I don't think we ever came up with an ideal solution.

One thing you can do is add '/bin/bash' as the last command in your script, which will keep the terminal open, and provide you with a command prompt, but it will be a new shell rather than the same shell that ran the script.  I don't know if it will interfere with the original script.

Perhaps you could run the command directly, pipe the output to a text file then view it with a text reader?  Maybe that wouldn't work.  Give me some more details and I'll try to troubleshoot it.
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