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Any one interested in Uptime-project.I created a league -->DamnSmall
If any1 is interest ->join :)

This has nothing to do with mydsl extensions, so I'm moving it to the LUG section. Seems like it might fit in better there.

Although it does smell a bit spammy~

Man, that uptime site is the sketches place i've ever seen. There's barely any info and no info on this software that they want you to install. It seems like there's alot of people doing it, but for all we know it could all be bogus. I wonder if there's actually some fools out there that would actually install crap on there system purposefully with out knowing what it is or actually does.
Quote (SaidinUnleashed @ Dec. 05 2005,13:55)
Although it does smell a bit spammy~

It does, doesn't it?

All-in-all, I thought it just plain wierd.  (But then the Net is full of wierdness...)

The nice thing about Live-CD is one gets a brand new boot each time, though the persistant extentions thing has potential for abuse...

original here.