Events, Lugs, and Get-Togethers :: SCaLE 6x

Damn Small Linux will be an exhibitor at SCaLE 6x
Southern California area Linux Expo.
If you are in the area, stop by and say hello.
Perhaps that is where I will preview DSL v5.0!

We still haven't seen the pics from the previous expo..
I don't have any and nobody sent any to me.
Maybe I broke the camera.

SCaLE 6X was a huge success. We had literally hundreds of people stop by our booth and thank us for making DSL. It was amazing. We heard stories of all kinds of uses of DSL. For example, a tram bus auto announcing position based on location all running on DSL. We heard stories about rescue use. And stories providing useful software on old P1 & P2 computers in school districts. SCaLE 6X was less suits and more geeks who actually create, use, and deploy computers and software. A great convention. Thanks to all who stopped by and said hello.
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