Events, Lugs, and Get-Togethers :: DAMNSMALL at LINUXWORLD SF - 2005

August 2005

Team DSL arrives at LinuxWorld - San Francisco - 2005

John Andrews
Robert Shingledecker
Chris Livesay
Kent Porter
J.P (SaidinUnleashed) was unable to attend this year at SF.

Day One.. Monday
Chris and Kent meet at SFO Airport.
Airlines, shuttles, hotel check-ins, yuck..
No challenges, arrived on time, settled in ..
Lunch - Mel's Diner
Robert arrives later in the day..
Dinner - Seafood - Wharf

Day Two.. Tuesday
LinuxWorld Expo.
Lots of people, goodies, events.
Breakfast meeting - Denny's
Dinner meeting - Thai Food near Union Square.

Continued :

DAMNSMALL at LinuxWorld - San Francisco - 2005
Event log - Part Two

Day Three - Wednesday
John arrives from a hectic workweek.
More Linuxworld.
Much brainstorming about DSL.
Lunch meeting - Dim Sum in Chinatown
Dinner meeting - Rose Pistola in Little Italy.

Your Team DSL:
Left to right: Chris Livesay, Kent Porter, Robert Shingledecker, John Andrews

Should I have let them know they could "up" their framerate by using DSL ?

Special Thanks to Matt and Erin at Mepis for their exceptional hospitality.
A good bunch of folks over there at Mepis, putting their heart and soul
into spreading the good word about Linux to the masses..  Our best wishes.

I'm with stupid ?  Who knows..   another friendly bunch..  
Also a good read.. subscribe if you haven't already..

Big Boys..

...with big toys..  


DAMNSMALL at LinuxWorld - San Francisco - 2005
Event Log - Part Three

Day Four - Thursday
More Linuxworld.
Daylight tour of BART , F-Trains, Wharf
Ghirardelli's Chocolate Ice Cream and Chocolate Mmmm!
Dinner meeting at Irish Pub - great service..
Farewells and goodbyes..

The temperature stayed around 65F or cooler the entire time.
Crazy for a Texas boy like me, to see folks wearing Jackets and fleece in August.

A wonderful day for walking and sightseeing the SF bay area.

Day Five - Friday
Same as Monday - Airlines, shuttles, traffic.
No delays..  Home sweet home.

A Fantastic team..

Expect great things from Damn Small Linux
More to come..


Thanks for the update and all the pics, Kent :D



Wish I could have been there. Thanks for the pics.


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