Cool Things :: DSL and the $72 computer

Just got the July '07 issue of Popular Science. Back in the How 2.0 section is a short article on how to make "The $72 PC".  Guess what operating system they use?  "The computer boots from a USB flash drive running an operating system called Damn Small Linux that can handle just about any job."

There is a link, but when I looked the article wasn't posted yet.  They probably wait a while before they post to the web.


Interesting.  What's in the $72 pc?
128 megs of sdram and a 500mhz celeron on an intel su810 motherboard with a memory stick for storage.  They also have a 200w power supply and NLX riser card.

Should run DSL just fine.  The magazine estimates 4 hours to assemble and get it running.  

It could be an interesting project. They have one in a cerial box with a small screen (additional cost) for "breakfast reading".  

The article lists the websites where the parts were purchased.  

The guy who wrote the piece, Dave Prochnow, probably scans this site once in a while.  Kudos Dave.

It's now posted

original here.