Cool Things :: Mtpaint skills

I discovered how Mtpaint has way more features than it looks like.
Gif animation features however need Gifsicle, but then it produces *excellent* output.

I created the following image using only Mtpaint and Gifsicle:

It's a 3-minute video, with gently swirling stars. And it's 352kb in size!
25 FPS (= really good quality) and yet so small size.

How does it look like?

Looks good here on Firefox, but is there any reason for the .jpg extension?
Properties = 352kb 100x100 jpg.
The .jpg is because of Dunno why they change it.
Does the  tar.gz Gifsicle from Mpaint have to be "converted" to DSL tar.gz?
(see page 201 of DSL book).
If it does, will it appear in "Testing" soon?.

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