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my Puppy Web Desktop
Could be modded for DSL if wanted for

Interesting collection of web apps, laid out logically and clearly.

At first glance I thought this was yet another Puppy screenshot, then I realized it's a webpage with live links.

So you fullscreen this over the existing Puppy desktop, or instead of it?

It just loads in a browser.  We have been toying with using a modified version as the default home page in the next community edition.  The best part is it uses only html+css so it loads really fast
Remove the icons and the wallpaper and just leave the links, it will loads even faster. I mean, it's a nice bookmark lists but beyond this I fail to see the point.
The main point was to enable web apps to add extended capabilities without having to bloat the size of the live CD.  There is a version with no background and more minimal icons - I just haven't been updating it lately since the Puppy community prefered the GUI version as a whole since it matched up with the standard desktop.
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