DSL Tips and Tricks :: DSC-II or Damn Small Capio II

Having acquired a Neoware Capio II, I got DSL working on it pretty fast

- My investments:
$30 for a Capio II (including shipping)
$8 for a TC325 Thin client as a Disk-On-Chip programmer
$8 for a 64MB USB stick.

I put a bootable DOS on the DOC, plus
loadlin.exe, linux24 and minirt24.gz (ok, logo.16 too)

Configured the Capio with 'Super' video in the Bios setup for 1024x768x16 video
( password = lambkeoghs ),
plus, for some reason, Legacy USB support.

Made a small 'options.txt' with the required boot params also on the DOC. (most important vga=791)

Put the /Knoppix directory on the usb stick.
Put in 'loadlin @options.txt' in autoexec.bat
And presto, a working DSC II , totally silent.

:D   Michel   :laugh:

Success with a caveat: The DSC II does not run 2.2 or over with the older kernel.
Only 2.1 with the 2.4.31 sees the USB key, 2.2b and 2.3rc1 with 2.4.26 do not scan (correctly) for usb devices and hence never find the key.

Is this what you are referring to...give us some specs man!


That is totally kick butt man!  That would be great for a "guest" system at your house or something like that..totally cool!


Yes, that is the system.

They sell on Ebay for around USD 20 or so if you are lucky.

Base specs are:
(Capio II 200 , 320, 325)

Geode GX 233 Mhz (or higher)
32 mem 144pins sodimm (upgradeable to 128MB - the Geodes max)
serial, 2 USB, inbuilt power supply, so no power brick.

Small!! : Dimensions (WxDxH) 8.7 in x 9.8 in x 1.8 in

I put a full MS-DOS with a graphic system plus DOS-VNC on my DOC ( a 16MB one), plus the required DSL base kernel files and loadlin.

So I have a boot choice of an MS-DOS system, or DSL.

Totally Silent, Cheap.

Warning: The Neoware TC 200 to 325 are different and bigger machines.
These have a VESA 1.2 vga which does not run X under DSL, no sound, and a non-standard, do not confuse these !!
But they contain an ISA DOC card you can use to program the DOC's - which I used.


Addendum: Types vary from 180Mhz to 266Mhz, and with or without sound. So check before buying!

Anyway: A nice system for stand-alone DSL-ing.

:;):  Michel

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