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I did a HD install of DSL 4.4 on my old laptop.  I created 2 partitions:  
/dev/hda1 = Swap  530 MB
/dev/hda2 = /  3.5 Gig

I have never seen the Swap monitor that is on the desktop move or indicate any activity.  I only have 192 MD of Ram.  Is there  a way to check to make sure Swap is active? I typed the Free command and it says I have a Swap partition.

Code Sample
cat /proc/swaps

if nothing is displayed, try
Code Sample
sudo swapon /dev/hda1

It's more likely that your swap is active, but just not needed yet.  Unlike Windows, which uses its paging file constanly, Linux uses swap only when physical ram is limited (EDIT: at least that's my belief; not necessarily fact).

I ran the command and it showed my swap file.  Thanks
you can also use
sudo free
sudo swapon -s
to see the swap space status.


i was doing a huge copy operation from my hard disk to usb drive  and since it was too slow (i found a difference with DSL linux speed(which is known for that) itself in fact ).

i checked my swap space with free command but swap was not at all utilized.

What may be the reason for that?

By the way i have 512 MB ram with celeron 1.7 ghz processor and 1.1 GB of swap space.

Also the data's total size is 4.0 GB.

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