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Title:          loopaes-3.2b-2.4.31_x86.dsl
Description:    Partition encryption with tripl frontend
Version:        3.2b
Authors:        Jari Ruusu <>
Copying:        GNU GPL
-----==[  Color = red     Filesize:   160K  ]==-----
Extension by:   wdef
Comments:       *** ONLY FOR 2.4.31 KERNEL DSL4+ or (eg) 2.1b ***
               Updated + extra cipher modules (serpent, twofish, blowfish) and patched
               utils for the most mature of all the linux partition encryption progs.
               Run the wrapper from the right-click menu to update the modules.
               I've included "tripl", my humble cli frontend to make single or
               multiple encryption with loopaes easy.
Change-log:     3rd version: updated to 3.2b
Enabled VIA padlock hardware AES xcrypt.
Updated tripl (much improved v0.56)
2nd version: tripl updated 0.3.
               17 June 2007 - First version
26 June 2007 - Second version
Current:        2008/08/02 - 3rd version


1. If anyone out there is running dsl on a recent-ish VIA processor, I'd be interested in hearing how VIA padlock hw encryption works with this extension.

Since loop-aes is already very fast with software encryption only on a fast-ish processor, one way to tell the difference might be to run the earlier version of this extension and copy a very large file to an aes128 encrypted partition, timing the write speed.

Then - umount the encrypted partition, install this extension over the earlier one (replacing the loop driver), do rmmod loop and then modprobe loop to insert the newer driver, mount the partition and then copy the same file across again, also timing the write speed.

AES encrytion should be very much faster (I think) with VIA Padlock.

On VIA hardware, loop-aes should detect and enable aes padlock support automatically.

For info see

FYI enabling this support has no effect on running this extension on other hardware.

2. Since compiling this there has been another sub-minor version release of loop-aes (v3.2c).  Afaik this contains no changes of relevance to dsl unless you're using /etc/fstab to manage your loop-aes encrypted partition and you  have symlinks in /etc/fstab. (NB tripl doesn't use /etc/fstab).

I bought some thin clients last week, some of them have Via Eden 400Mhz and some have 800Mhz. Both are supposed to have the earlier Padlock, so AES and RNG but no SHA.
They should arrive next week, so I can probably test.

This is of course assuming I can get them to boot from, say usb :)

Let's hope they don't have some crippled BIOS.
I don't have spare laptop hard drives, so it's probably OK to use a ramdisk?
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