The Testing Area :: bash-3.2.uci

Thanks to WDef for:
Code Sample
Title:          bash-3.2.uci
Description:    Bourne Again Shell update
Version:        3.2
Authors:        Chet Ramey, Brian Fox and others.
Copying:        GPL2
-----==[  Color = green    Filesize:   440K  ]==-----
Extension by:   wdef
Comments:       Includes bashbug debugger.
To use, change the interpreter at the top of your script from
/bin/bash to /opt/bash-3.2/bin/bash
Applied bash-3.2-fixes-8.patch from LFS
Build i486, gcc-3.3.4, --without-bash-malloc
Refer LFS.
Install may have required bison and texinfo.
Binary stripped.
Change-log:     1st version
Current:        2008/10/11

EDIT: Size corrected to 440K

The uci size is actually 440k, please amend if you get a chance Robert.

Built this mainly to test that my scripts would run on it ok, in particular tripl which is going onto Sourceforge soon, since bash-3.2 has significantly changed some things and has added new syntax.

Beware: iirc single-quoted regexes are no longer legal in bash-3.2.  I think you don't quote regexes at all now (?)

getopts has been enhanced and there is new array syntax, among many other changes in this series of bash.

original here.