The Testing Area :: How this works

This is the testing area for all newly submitted extensions. These are
"rough cut". Use at your own risk. Extensions are made and belong to the
community. The community is also responsible for self policing of policy
as described by:

Although we are opening up this process TeamDSL will always reserve the
right to reject and remove an extension in any area. Please continue to
email your submissions to [][/EMAIL] Once received
they will be posted into the testing area of the repository and an announcement  will be posted. We
look forward to this new process to streamline and further grow this
community area.


This should be considered an interactive process, we would like the more experienced DSL users to help this evaluation process along, and the extension submitter should also be active in the evaluation threads.

I will be posting each new extension as a spearate thread.
Hopefully it will be easier to follow the feedback for any given extension. I will also post the info file for quick and easy access to decide if you want to try the new extension.

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