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Hello everybody!

I like K3B and would like an update to this extension that works with gtk2. The size of the extension doesn't matter to me since I'm currently running DSL from an 16 GB SDHC card. It's really slick I might add. Just like a post stamp in size but like 1 mm thick (1/24 of an inch). And the micromate that it comes with isn't that much bigger and has an usb contact so it is found as sda1. So if anyone feels inclined and have the skills (which I'm lacking) I really would appreciate this update.

Have fun with this incredible distro as is DSL,

K3B is a kde app so it uses qt instead of gtk. There's already a version in MyDSL.
Dear lucky13!

I know that there is a version of K3B in the repository and I'm using it. The problem is that it will not work when gtk2 is loaded as I explained in "The Testing Area". Furthermore K3B is now available in a higher version. So (as I stated) what I am hoping for is an UPDATED version of K3B that will work when gtk2 is loaded. Well clearer than this I don't think I can explain it.

So keep on having fun,

Out of curiosity, what does the most recent version have that the one in MyDSL lacks (iow, what features do you want that you don't already have with the version we have)? And out of even more curiosity (perhaps you can reply to this in the relevant thread), what does the gtk2 extension have to do with qt/k3b?
Hi again lucky13!

When it comes to why I want an update it is just as I stated in my previous post (and there we also have the relevance to this section of the forum), that I want an extension that "WILL WORK WHEN GTK2 IS LOADED" (Note that this is a quote from my previous post. So everything you have asked an explanation for was there already from the beginning, so read more carefully before posting answers in the future). And if someone will make a new extension I can't se any reason to use the source code of an old version of K3B. So the bottom line is that the version of K3B that is available in the repository doesn't work when gtk2 is loaded (read gtk+-2.12.9). So I just want an extension that works under the conditions previously mentioned. That's all.

Have fun,

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