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Hi y'all!

I was under the impression that someone was going to post an updated version of the gnu debugger but I haven't seen it yet. I have done one myself but since I haven't "done it by the book" I don't want to submit it.

Have fun out in cyberspace with DSL,

If you'll read the existing thread instead of starting new ones in other areas of the forum you'd know I held up submitting gdb until I can find out more about what WDef said about gdb and gcc versioning (and I'd like to test it a little more than I've had a chance thus far). I submitted strace separately, fwiw.

Feel free to submit yours if it's ready to go and you've done the homework on gcc-gdb versioning.


My sincere apologies! I've been to busy to keep up with the development in this forum. I just have had some short moments here and there.

Have fun Y'all,

EDIT: Where can I find those comments of WDef? I'm interested because gdb has always worked allright when I have compiled it into a remaster. When I comes to doing my "homework" I don't feel obliged to do that since I haven't said that I would submit an update to gdb (and I have already told you why). Furthermore I already have an working environment including gdb-6.8.

Search for it. You're not so busy that you can't look for it.

I found the thread today. So now I'll just sit tight and se if there will be an update to gdb.

Have fun with DSL all you guys who can and the rest can do what they want that doesn't hurt others,

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