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I take a bunch of screenshots and was happy to see the 'x window snapshot' app in dsl 4.4 (it may have been there earlier, but I never noticed it). The problem is that I don't know how it works. When you click on this x window snapshot in the menu listing, it turns the cursor into a + sign. Now what? I have tried clicking and dragging, shift clicking, etc. What are the steps and where is the picture saved?


Just click your mouse on what you want to capture. If it's a particular window, click on that window. If you want the full desktop, find an empty space on it and click.

The option has been there before 4.4. It just dumps a file (raw x window dump) that you'll need to convert with another application if you want a standard file format like png or jpg. You can use imagemagick (which I use for my screenshots anyway) to do that with the convert command along with whatever options you desire.

$ convert name.xwd filename.png

Or use a wrapper script to do all of them at once either by command line in a directory or drag and drop in dfm:
Code Sample
for DUMPS in *.xwd; do convert $DUMPS ${DUMPS%.xwd}.png; rm $DUMPS; done

You can edit out the rm $DUMPS command if you want to keep the xwd files but they take up lots of room.

edit: Sorry I didn't finish this thought earlier but had to get to a meeting. If you install imagemagick and want screenshots, there's no need to do xwd. Try this instead:
exec import -window root screenshot-$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S).png

That can be added as an entry in your menu (.jwmrc) or as a keybinding (.jwmrc-keys) so it can be executed with some keystroke. You can also set it to a dfm icon (maybe add "sleep 5;" before "import") or as a menu button (.jwmrc-tray) if you want. Here's my entry in .jwmrc-keys ("W" for window -- use what you like, and remember it's case-sensitive).
Code Sample
<Key mask="SC" key="W">exec import -window root screenshot-$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S).png</Key>

You can use png, gif, bmp, jpg, or whatever you want and imagemagick supports.

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