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Hi there.
Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I've been playing with DSL for about 3 months now, wanting to get an old laptop up and running for simple tasks (such as surfing the net in the living room when the wife is watching TV, rather than coming out to the computer room and neglegting her all night).
I've managed to get it installed on the Hard Disk so it boots up on it's own, and everything is great. Really pleased with it so far.

I'm trying to install a program - called COMIX - which requires Python to run.

I have opened up the MyDSL thing (I should explain right now I need things explained very simply) and selected Python 2.5.
There are 2 versions of it, but neither download and install on their own.

They both hang when downloading.

One one occasion I chose the download only option and it got it all. But it didn't install properly.

Can I download from any other source, or do i need to use the MyDSL bit?

Once more, apologies if this is in the wrong area, and if I haven't provided enough info.

Oh, and Hello. :)
Sorry it took me so long to reply and say thanks.
Well the latest update is: I now have it installed, in /opt/python, however all the information I've read say you can just type "Python {commands}" at the command line (Bash), however it won't run from the location that I need it to install (which is home/comix/), but WILL run if I go to the /opt/python/bin location.

I tried adding opt/python to the path, but it still won't run.

Anyone got any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

If you open a terminal, cd to /home/comix/, and then run "python", what happens?  Do you get "command not found"?  If so, you can create a symlink in /opt/bin to fix it: sudo ln -s /opt/python/bin/python /opt/bin/

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