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I accidentally  hit the power switch on my laptop.  Now python2.5 and tcl/tk don't show up in mydsl uci.  The tcl/tk icon is loading on the desktop without even loading the uci program.  Neither tcl/tk or python are loaded of course.

Possibly related, I had to remove tmp/.X0-lock to get the desktop to load after the bad power down.

How can this be fixed?  Hard drive install btw.


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Quote (Tobiaus @ Feb. 26 2009,16:50)
the very first thing you need to do is run fsck from a livecd or bootable usb.

a program would complain about a missing lib,

could use .uci extensions with the hd install. is that a frugal install?

This laptop doesn't have fancy stuff like cd or usb.  :)   It's older than dirt.

There is a missing lib issue with the python 2.5 UCI but I have a symlink that seems to cure it.

UCI's can be used with hd installs.  They are saved  so they don't need to be downloaded every bootup.  Just load them using  Mydsl every bootup.

The problem I'm having now is python can't find Tkinter even though tcl-tk is loaded.  Damn ! !  I had this working before but didn't keep any notes !

Sorry Tobiaus.  I forgot to thank you for the reply.  Frustration was getting the better of me.

When the machine had it's brutal reboot stray stuff (files, menu items etc) were left strewn all over the place.  Guess that's why we're warned about mixing dsl extensions and hd installs.  

I got python to find Tkinter again using a couple of symlinks.
Code Sample

sudo  ln  -s  /opt/tcltk_libs/   /usr/lib/
sudo  ln  -s  /opt/tcltk_libs/   /usr/lib/

This is on dsl3.1  and is not the way I did it the first time, which I remember as being a tidier solution.

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