Games :: Secret Maryo Chronicles v.0.97 dsl

I made a dsl for the Secret Maryo Chronicles v.0.97. For information go to
The dsl is temporarily on my Azureus tracker. If anyone wants to put it in a mydsl repository somewhere that'd be cool with me. To download from my tracker go to

The folder includes a info file, 3 md5's, & 3 dsl's.

The smc-0.97.dsl is the game itself
The smc-0.97-music.dsl is the music which is optional (17 mb's)
The sdl-libs.dsl are needed to play the game

u can send the .dsl to extensions at
Your website is down

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I sent some extensions to that address a while back and they were never posted anywhere that I know of. Someone has downloaded it so my site should be up. If you've got a ftp or know of a website I can post it to let me know.
I had a typo and edited my initial post. Try to access my tracker now.

original here.