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I installed dsl to hd, downloaded eboard and  opened...clicked icon on desktop..the program opens..i click peer and select generic engine..dialog opens..I click ok..bottom says failed..when dialog is open has second tab for engine I need to change these?  if so what do I type in the boxs...I am assumming the board included an engine. please help...would like to play chess...thanks
It doesn't include an engine :(. Thats all I know
Actually..the eboard.dsl does include the "crafty" engine..however when installed non frugal..and I install mydsl..the board and engine do not connect..I found the crafty book.bin and books.bin that are required in /var/lib/crafty..I found a hidden dsl file eboard and copied the books to eboard..this is a hack but when I open the board and choose generic rather than crafty and backspace gnuchess and enter crafty, then click will start a game..have had no success finding the reason..thought it may be an issue with mydsl and non frugal hd install...anyway it works and I can play chess at the moment..I have a ram issue so will only work when nothing else is running..but thats fine..:D
It should work without hacks. start eboard und select crafty oder generic engine. That should be all. crafty ist strong, i think better than gnuchess. Sjeng is interessting because it ist the "mother" auf deepblue. Vabene
Yes..have had install issues..but suggestions did this last install I must select generic and backspace gnuchess and type crafty and click ok..seems consistant with three installs. crafty is great..
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