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I was wondering what the difference would be in programming for linux rather than programming for windows. Also where can I get a compiler to use? (C++)


If you mean interface/framework wise, there's plenty of differences...  for linux I would suggest gtk+ for starters.
If you mean data types, windows has some odd ones (DWORD, etc)...
... all in all it depends on what you plan to do :P

I think the gnu c++ compiler is included in one of the gcc* extensions available in mydsl.

Since many Linux games are open source you might consider looking through the code of interesting games to see how they are done compared to Windows games.  Most of them seem to focus on OpenGL and/or SDL, and there are a few decent open source engines available that you might use as a base.
Thanks for the tips guys, i will have to take a look around at some of the packages and see what I can find.
On a side note (from mikshaw's post): if you use portable libraries (such as gtk, sdl, ogl), it could also be easily ported to windows since it can take care of the os specific things for you.
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