Gtk2 :: Newbie: How to compile my GTK code?

Hi all!
I am new on DSL and GTK so I started on the first tutorial for "Hello World" on GTK's homepage.
First of all I have installed GTK from MyDSL and then "uppdated to GTK 2" in the "start"-menu.
I thought that this was enough to be able to compile GTK-code, but apparently not.
Do I need to install GCC to make it compile or what else to I need to get my code compiled?
Is it just some type of VM you are installing through MyDSL?
Do you need to download GTK and compile it from thair homepage?

Sorry for all the questions, I just can not get the hang of it!

Many thanks in advance!


1. are you trying to compile gtk or gtk2 code?
2. the gtk and gtk2 available are only runtime libraries - usually development packages are marked as such.
3. you'll probably need gcc if you plan to code in c

I want to compile GTK2 code.
I saw that you were able to download GCC through MyDSL and so I did.
But I could not find the developing parts for GTK.
Is there a "simpler" way of installing GTK2 then compile source code.
This is the missing link for me in DSL everything but that is lovley with DSL!

Many thanks!

Have you tried a debian package?

As thehats said, you will need to install development files specifically in order to compile the code.  These development packages are usually a separate download from the runtime packages if you are downloading binaries, and are often named "packagename-dev" or "packagename-devel" or something similar.

opinion: As you are just beginning with the gui programming, I want to take this opportunity to suggest reconsidering your gui choice.  You have picked DSL as your platform for some reason, and I'm going to guess that size and speed are probably at least part of that reason.  There are alternatives to the very large (some say bloated, unstable, and slow) guis used by most developers, sme of which are also much more portable than gtk/qt. One of these alternatives, FLTK, is available as a myDSL extension (including dev files).
I say this mainly because it breaks my little heart to see so many otherwise very good applications suffer bloat and other performance limitations for the sake of a prettier interface.
Just my own perspective.

Thank you milkshaw for your opinion!
It seems as if we have a similar thinking.
One of the reasons a choose DSL is that in my opinion am not intrested in a real glossy package with all nice and neet graphic stuff in the OS, I just want a OS that makes the things I need and the OS is not supposed to fill up all my HD and RAM and be easily handled, like DSL. Second of all I have an "older" mashine that suits DSL fine!
I had a quick glance at FLTK and that seems intresting, a question though....
Language used in FLTK is C++, right?
As I havn't lernt C properly, I am realy intrested in lering that, could you code FLTK in C as well or is there any other good GUI for C?

Many thanks!

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