Gtk2 :: aMule install causes some apps unable to start.

I tried this many times.
First I installed gtk: Icontool and xmms worked fine.
Then I installed aMule: nether won't start.

Here's what happes when I try to start xmms after aMule installion:
dsl@box:~$ xmms

** CRITICAL **: setup_ctrlsocket(): Failed to assign /tmp/xmms_dsl.0 to a socket (Error: Permission denied)

Usually errors contain something about "permisson denied to /tmp/*"

Anyone else having this problem?

The aMule extension was probably improperly made.. I think some older extensions may have some kind of permission problems on /tmp (saw a similar post somewhere).

I suppose you could double check that and then chmod/chown as necessary.

I've checked: same problem as here
maybe the command:
sudo chmod 777 /ramdisk/tmp
could be included in the mydsl-load script.

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