Gtk2 :: gtk2-0705.unc cannot be unloaded

Once gtk2-0705.unc is loaded, it cannot be unloaded, maybe u could write this in the In the info file u could also add this:
It is possible to autoupdate to gtk2 isterting the following line in /opt/
start_gtk2 &

legalize cannabis, etc.

No unc extension can be dynamatically unloaded. Just as no .dsl can be dynamatically unloaded. Both extension types are not self contained as uci are. Both go away upon reboot. Since /opt/ is included in default backup, using such for transient extensions would make things very complex. However, I will have gtk2 auto-setup upon boot in v3.3 RC1 comming very soon.
Roberts, you are about to make a new version of the gtk+2 stuff? Could you make a extension for the devs? or a link to where I can find them?
As I was not the one who repackaged the gtk2 libs, I will email John and see if he has them. I am also exploring the use of the gtk2 libs and app set of dsl-n as unc packages for dsl.
Thanks Roberts. That would be awesome.
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