Gtk2 :: gnucash

I was going to take some time to mess around with gnucash from MyDSL, but I can't make it run.  It's the only extension that has failed to work for me.

I've tried it with GTK2 as both a dsl and as a unc with no luck.  Anyone had success with this extension?

If this is the only app you have tried that doesn't work, make sure you read the .info for gtk2
Type into xterm:

sudo ln -nsf /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

The missing link is actually needed in the main gtk2 library.
It has been corrected and gnucash should function correctly.
You will need to grab the lastest gtk2-0705.dsl or gtk2-0705.unc to get this update. You can read the info file to see that your mirror has the latest update.

Thanks jpeters for finding the missing link.

original here.