Gtk2 :: gtk2 questions

I am currently working on building the GTK2 stuff from source.

I noticed that one that the gtk2-0705 extension includes defoma (debian font manager). I have no experience with this package, and was wondering exactly what it is that it does.

The other question I had, is the script that is required to be run before GTK2 apps will work in the gtk2-0705 extension. What does it do? I looked at it, and it calls a number of other scripts, also included with that extension. Is it related to defoma somehow?

And the final question.... Are there any extensions that will break in the absense of defoma and those scripts?

Ke4nt created the gtk2-0705.dsl and John created the gtk2 for DSL-N. Either of them would be the best source of information on their builds. Most of my machines are not even capable of running gtk2 apps.
I wouldn't suggest leaving out defoma since many apps depend on it.  Haven't ever looked at the "initialization" scripts, so I don't know about that.

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