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I was wondering, why is the gnucash extension in gtk2 area, and saying it needs gtk2? The whole 1.X series is gtk1 based, and the gtk2 portion was only highly experimental in 2005.

The latest gtk1 version is 1.8.12, while the one in myDSL is 1.8.10 built with experimental (and probably buggy, based on the rate they sent out new gtk2 versions) gtk2.

So, would there be use for a gnucash 1.8.12 extension, built with gtk1 as it is more stable, and takes less space too (myDSL one is 17M + gtk2-0705 14M)?

Yes, please.
Thank you in advance.

Hey Curaga:
Thanks very much for working on the GTK1 version of Gnucash.

Currently working on the GTK2 version as an update for the existing MyDSL extension. Note: The size of the current gnucash.dsl [17M] is severely inflated. Some of the things which are not needed are: Locale files, large text files containing multiple-locale strings (can be drastically pared down by keeping only the plain [non-locale] strings), GNOME libraries like gtkhtml, libglade, libxml2, etc (have integrated these into 'gtk2.uci' -- Coming soon!). The actual size is a little under 2M.

Re: GTK1 and GTK2
The latest GTK1 version is 1.8.12, released in Oct 2005. The current latest version is 2.2.3, released this month (Jan 2008). So, that puts the GTK1 version somewhat out of date, but it could probably still be useful, especially to those who don't want to use GTK2. So, it would be cool to have a GTK1 version. :)

I will have to include some gnome libs, since your extensions aren't ready yet, but perhaps they can be removed later from the extension.

Also, 1.8.12 is 10.5 months newer than 1.8.10..

Finished. The extension is 8.3mb, and has no dependencies.
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