Multimedia :: Standalone flash player available?

Is there a standalone flash player that works without a browser? I'm looking to run some swf files that will display full-screen and I don't want to have to run it using a browser and flash plug-in. The swfs I will want to run a fairly simple -- no sound or video.

Does such an animal exist?

The most recent "stable" one I've found is gflashplayer version 6. It is a little slow, but has better response than version 6 of the plugin. I can't find a link to it at the moment =o(
The Adobe download of version 9 apparently has a standalone player (or so I read; I didn't see it in the first v9 release), but you might find it difficult to use in DSL.

There is also Gnash, although it apparently is not feature complete. I haven't tried it yet.

Thanks. I'll have a look around and see if I can find gflashplayer. I also found something else called swfdec that looks like it'd work. My main challenge here is that I'm running an old laptop off livecd and storing my backup on a USB drive. Anything I install needs to be in neat tidy packages that I can load at startup off the USB without any user intervention at the boot process.

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