Multimedia :: moc.uci

I recently got around to test the moc.uci extension that I downloaded several weeks/months ago,and I really really like it. I don't think I'll be relying on my bash scripts+mpg321/play/ogg123 with a commandline player/server that supports mp3, wav, ogg, flaac, and other formats that I don't even use.

Unfortunately, it seems to have disappeared from the mydsl repository.  Any news on why this is?

... and (testing/) ?
OK...I glanced through testing and didn't see it (obviously a personal oversight), but also used the text search feature of my mydsl tool which searches the whole text of the mydslinfo.bz2 file for "moc" and it returned nothing. Since that is still in development I gotta say my bad.

In any case, I will reiterate that moc is a great program, and I thank "anon" for it (but why you wanna be anon?).

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