Multimedia :: Command line webcam capture?

I got a philips webcam here that is recognized once I plug it in.. and assigned to /dev/video0.. On my redhat linux I had a little tool called vidcat that enabled me to make a snapshot from the command line.. anyone know any easy to install packages for DSL that can do something similar?
The vidcat from my redhat doesnt run on DSL.. to many libraries missing..


what does "file -s /dev/video0" say? I think the videoX devices give some sort of standard output, so that maybe plain old cat could work too
I use the xawtvdebs.dsl extension in the multimedia section.
Then with the camera on pressing j will capture a jpeg image.

After googling I see it's a part of w3cam, and doesn't require anything not in DSL. The redhat version just was compiled with different versions.

You could download the one from Debian here ->
and then use deb2dsl on it.

Thanks for all your repsponse.. I got it working now.. at a tiny 160x120 resolution..
It seems like the pwcx modules are not compiled into the DSL kernel..
Could anyone point me in the right direction on info regarding DSL kernel compiling? I did it in the past on my redhat box.. but how can I get this done on dsl?
Or is there any other solution for the pwcx modules? They compiled PWC into DSL but not pwcx :(

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