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Maybe it's too early in my learning curve to be using apps from the testing area but I can't get the latest green-rated Xine release to playback the DVD I normally use for DVD playback testing.

In sequence: load xine; insert DVD; click on DVD navigator; drive makes a half-hearted attempt to start; following error report appears:-

"The source can't be read maybe you don't have enough rights for this or source doesn't contain data (e.g. no disk in drive) (error reading NAV packet)".

All the plug-ins appear to have been loaded.

Any help would be appreciated.

See if it includes libdvdcss2 and libdvdread
 Xine will play unencrypted DVDs out of the box, but will not play encrypted DVDs without libdvdcss.  Since the legality of libdvdcss is dubious, it is best not to include it in a package for redistribution.  I have not looked but I do not think libdvdcss is included in a MyDSL extension.  The .deb for libdvdcss found below will install cleanly in DSL:

It can easily be made of course into a .dsl extension for your own use.  Also, make sure you have /dev/dvd symlinked to your dvd drive, or just choose /dev/scd0 or /dev/scd1 as your dvd drive in Xine config menu.

Also, if you are not already aware, use the "dsl dma" cheatcode for smooth playback.  Or if you haven't yet, and do not want to reboot, issue as root:

# hdparm -d1 /dev/hdc        (or /dev/hdd)

Currently libdvdcss is illegal only in USA and France..

No sign of libdvdcssn or libdvdread in /ramdisk/opt/xine/lib

Jason W

Config file amended as follows:

audio.output.speaker_arrangement:Stereo 2.0

Bit puzzled by the "dsl dma" cheatcode reference. Is this mandatory? If so which of my two hds should be referenced?

I didn't mention in my first post that the last line of the Xine plugin report Is ""skipping unreadable plugin directory /home/dsl/.xine/plugins".

Playback situation unchanged.

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