Net :: Minicom anyone

Ive looked for a minicom extension a few times and searched the forums. Plenty of people have wanted it included on the DSL CD some have found that they are happy enough to apt for it.

I made a DSL extension for minicom a few weeks ago so maybee its time to share it. I found microcom frustrating in that it  lacks features and I cant get it to run and stay running unless it finds a legitimate Hayes compliant modem. It is nice and small though. I use minicom to test Ham Radio TNCs for packet radio but you could do many things with it.

Will post the ext for testing unless its all been done before.

Post it. I could use it for messing with my cisco router.
New or updated extensions are always welcome. Please share!
Ok Done .. Its posted to the testing area.. Have a play with it..

I made this up so I could check Ham Radio packet
TNCs but its got heaps of uses. Read the info file as there are a few clues in there especially if you have issues but this works for me ok. Testing has been done mainly on DSL v4 so far.

original here.