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I'd like to add a pdf-writer to the hplip extension as a cups backend. I believe OO will write pdf files, but this would allow all other dsl apps to make pdf files.

Using this script I managed to get the pdf writer to work with hplip but it writes the pdf files to /export/share/pdf or fails because dsl does not recognise the user "guest" that cups/hplip somehow uses and this will not allow the pdf to be written to /home/guest.

Would one of the dsl script gurus mind to modify the script appropriately (i.e. write to /home/dsl/pdf or similar) so I can add it to hplip?

I assume you're talking about user guest with USERMODE=on ?
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This means that the user is passed as the 2nd arg... probably by CUPS - so it is probably configured to use the default user guest.  You can probably either change that default (maybe pass -U dsl to lpadmin), or change the above line to "PRTUSER=dsl" or "PRTUSER=`whoami`".... or change the URI path in the lpadmin invocation "lpadmin -p CUPS-PDF -v pdf-writer:/export/share/pdf/ ...."

Aren't most programs able to do that already? By printing to PS and then using ps2pdf?
I guess so, but I was thinking this was a neater way to do it...
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