System :: What happens when uci is not dsl.staff

Another dumb mistake I made the other day (and I'm still figuring out how to make my dsl boot floppy a grub dsl boot floppy...) was to put a symlink to a uci in ../mydsl where the uci itself was root.root instead of dsl.staff

On boot, I got something like this:
Code Sample
myuci1 cloop yada yada
myuci2 myuci3 cloop yada yada
myuci4 cloop yada yada
where myuci2 is root.root

All went well until shutdown (I didn't try to use myuci2 so I was not aware it hadn't loaded) when I got something like this:
Code Sample
unloading myuci1
myuci2 - Please mount optional media and try again

At this point I could not enter anything, <ctrl-alt-del> brought up the same message and the only option seemed to pull the plug - before the backup has been written...

Now I realise this was my own dumb fault, but would it be possible for the mydsl-load on boot to fail more gracefully?

I would say not a typical situation for a user of DSL, if it had been it would have surfaced sooner than 4 years later!

While it is always good to try to impove it is not always easy to defend against what a 'developer' or 'hacking', i.e., unusal mods to the system might cause.

I don't think this issue is related to file ownership. I just tested it, changing both the ownership and removing read permission, without trouble. Root does the actual mounting, and file permissions/ownership means nothing to root.

My guess is that either your file is corrupted or you're having problems reading the filesystem on which the file is stored.

I did run into some negligible problems sometimes - such as trying to load an extension that errors out... only to (eventually) find out that I did a typo.  My guess is that it doesn't check for this, nor does it check for many things - possibly to cut down on processing?  In this case, it can be easily avoided.

Haven't reproduced your steps yet, but I'm not sure why it would stall there.  Also, as mikshaw indicated, I remember that the scripts invoke sudo to do the actual system work.

To get out of the error I replaced the symlink with the actual file. A different ../mydsl symlink to a different uci (but on the same partition as the one that had the problem) still works without problems.

As said, perhaps not likely to occur everyday so let's leave it here - thanks.

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